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Gary Westerhoff is a licensed Professional Environmental Engineer and Professional Planner and a national expert on drinking water. Prior to retirement, he provided consulting services to major drinking water utilities throughout the United States and was a professional commercial photographer.

Over more than five decades he has developed a passion for outdoor adventures. This passion combines fly fishing for trout and salmon with landscape and wildlife nature photography across North America, Canada, Central America and South America.

Many of Gary's wildlife images catch the individual characteristics and habits of the animals and their relationship with the environment in which they live.

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Listed below are a selection of Gary’s books, containing photographs and stories from his adventures in North, Central and South America. The books were created using the Blurb publishing services. Copies may be purchased from the bookstore at Blurb.com by clicking on a bookcover image below.
Magic in the Shadows of the Andes
Stories and photographs of the magic during two weeks of fly fishing adventures in the shadows of the Andes in Patagonia, Chile.

Bandito’s Quest
A story of a raccoon, named Bandito, and his quest to learn how to lead a worthwhile life filled with happiness.


American Wildlife Up Close
A photo journal that offers the reader more than just a glimpse of a number of American wildlife, illustrating the joys of youth, motherly love and adventures in their lives.


Athena and Her Family Prepare for Hibernation
The story of a grizzly bear cub, Athena, and her brother, Zeus Jr, who, along with their mother, catch and eat silver salmon in a coastal area in Alaska.

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